Haida Gwaii Art Shop

Yvette Carol Adams is a Haida from the Tsâ aahl Laanas clan and took part in Aboriginal BEST on Haida Gwaii in 2011. “I create and design my own work: pendants made of yellow cedar, red cedar, yew wood, devils club, alder, beads from the same kind of wood as the pendants, earrings, red cedar hats, yellow cedar hats, regalia, cedar roses, prints, and bentwood boxes.

“I intend to make a living off of my work, to be the best that I can be, and learn as much as I can before my time comes. In the Haida language there isn’t a word for ‘I can’t.’ I always strive to create a piece I would be proud of, no matter how much you think you know, there is always more to be learned. I am currently working out of my home, and I’m very happy that I finally have my web site up and running, the next step is to open
an actual gallery.”

Mountain Sky Soaps

Sky Soaps
www.mountainskysoap.com   Raynald Losier and Nina George started the family business in 1993 to stay home with their kids, Malaya Mountain and Rahel Sky. Mountain Sky manufactures soaps, massage bars and lip balm for the company and for private labels. Mountain Sky Soap maintains seven jobs with a production that has increased from 320 soaps per week at its beginning to about 6,000 today in peak production times. With their products in stores from Victoria to St John’s to Yellowknife, Mountain Sky is a true Canadian success story.

Juggernaut Marketing

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