Casket Furniture success for grad

Mark in his creationFrom a small village in Krestova, BC, Mark Zeabin and his family have been building caskets since 1927. But why buy a casket for just one day? MHP builds products that last a lifetime. Whether it’s a couch, shelf or end table, their products are designed to blend effortlessly into most contemporary interior designs. This handy furniture easily transforms back into a casket at your time of need and is the perfect vehicle to carry you to the great beyond. Zeabin also manufactures casket kits (caskets that the customer assembles), urns and even pet caskets.

MHP Enterprises has been featured in People, Business Week, Maxim, and he built Hugh Hefner’s (Playboy guy) casket and more.

Black Kitty Productions (Film and TV)

Rachelle Bencze was a participant in the 2009 Aboriginal BEST program in downtown Vancouver.

Rachelle of Black Kitty ProductionsHer business, Black Kitty Productions Inc. “is a Canadian based film, television and multi-platform production company that develops and produces unforgettable and original stories from concept to final product.”

Rachelle founded Black Kitty Productions in 2006 when she wrote, directed and produced the short films, “He Loves Me” and “Pepe”. “He Loves Me” was selected to premier at the 2006 Imaginenative Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario.

Rachelle signed on as Production Assistant for Shaftesbury Films “Murdoch Mysteries” season one and returned for season two as Production Associate. In 2009Rachelle incorporated Black Kitty Productions and is actively developing original content for multiple platforms, including film, television and


Ebesse ZoZo on Dragon’s Den

Sauce so good, he got on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Ebesse Zozo Hot Sauce is the creation of Edmund Segbeaya who hails from Togo, a small country in West Africa. Hot sauce is part of everyday life in Togo, hot foods and hot sauces are eaten with every meal. It was a natural progression for Edmund to continue to make his beloved hot sauce for himself and his family in his new home land of Canada and from there Edmund turned it into a business to support his family. Ebesse Zozo Sauce has won many international awards, including 2006 America Best Zesty Professional Foods Contest 1st Place – Hot Sauce.