Guiding Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Over the past 25 years, The Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship, Inc. (Indigenous) and The Canadian Centre for Accelerated Entrepreneurship (Non-Indigenous) has assisted over 3,500
entrepreneurs in Canada and the Caribbean on the road to successful self-employment. Come on inside and discover how we can assist you or your organization in creating self-employment training that is successful, sustainable, easy to understand, and FUN.

Training Options

Bring an in-person program to your community

Have a BEST webinar in your community

Individual online training

Bring A Course To Your Community

Both our clients and us agree that live, in-person training with all participants gathering is the most effective and fun way to learn and share. We at the CCAE are providing in-person, on-site training based on current Covid-19 conditions and regulations in your community. Please contact us to discuss the possibility. You and the CCAE will work together to create a tailored-for-your clients in-person training sessions that serves your needs. 

Sponsor a Webinar for Your Community


(for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous webinars)

Live webinars a better choice for your community? No problem! The CCAE uses cutting edge technology so that ANYONE can easily log in and take part.

  • No software to download: just click the link we send, and you are IN
  • Webinar works on any device: laptop, phone, tablet. 
  • Participants can ask questions, chat, show their faces, and even be given “the floor” to present their own ideas
  • Everyone gets a copy of the Powerpoint slides and videos used, and can review the whole presentation afterwards
  • Each participant also gets 
    • a copy of the > 250 page BEST Participant Manual
    • easy to use, fill-in-the blanks Business Plan template, including Financial Statements. (Pricing, Personal Budget, Net Worth, and Projected Cash Flow Statement)
    • final exam, with results and corrected 
    • Graduation Certificate if attending 90% of sessions and pass the test

Together, you and the CCAE will determine the “best” times and dates, and we will tailor the content to serve your needs.