Online Learning Resources

No BEST coming to your community? No worries. Two choices:

  1. Occasionally the CCAE receives requests from groups, organizations and governments to host and pay for an online BEST for their community or group. These are sometimes open to the public. When these happen, we will post openings on our site, and also contact anyone who has made an inquiry about BEST.
  2. You can get the BEST Manual, Simple, fill-in-the-blanks Business Plan template, and one-on-one time with the CCAE. Click here to register.

CCAE Workbook & Courseware

If you want to do it all by yourself, no problem. Many people just need a manual and some simple fill-in-the-blanks documents. You get:

The BEST Entrepreneurship Skills Training Manual © 2021: over 300 pages of how to start your own business, with current links, profiles of successful CCAE graduates … all in a fun, easy-to-understand format.

  • Hard copy Manual, mailed right to your door.
  • Simple, fill-in-the-blanks Business Plan template
  • Locked-formula Financial Statements. You just add words and numbers. All calculations are done for you. (Financial Statements sent by e-mail)
    • Personal Budget
    • Net Worth Statement
    • Pricing Formula
    • 1 Year Projected Cash Flow Statement, with Start-Up Costs
    • AND: we even give you examples of all these to make it easy!

PLUS: 1 hour of one-on-one personal time via Zoom with Bruce to help you on your way !!

ALL OF THIS for only $199 Buy Now!